I have always loved food. I love eating food, growing my own food, and one of my happiest places is in the kitchen cooking with those I love. Even before I started painting food, I tried to look at it from many angles--receiving my bachelors degree in the Anthropology of Food, working as a cook at a farm to table lunch program, and then studying holistic nutrition and gaining a certificate as a nutritionist. During all of these experiences, my favorite part was sharing what I had learned with other people. So when I had the idea of creating a line of greeting cards that featured seasonal produce, I also wanted to include healthy recipes that highlight the flavor and health benefits of these fresh foods. Below you can see a few samples of the cards. Visit my store to see the greeting card variety boxes and take a sneak peak at the delicious recipes! 

Meyer Lemons, Spring 

This card is dedicated to the memory of my Grandma Grace, who started each day with a warm glass of water with a slice of a fresh Meyer lemon. It is probably why she lived to the age of 94 and had gorgeous skin to boot!  

carnival squash, fall

This gorgeous squash was just so fun to paint! Fall is my favorite season, and partly it is because of foods like this one. Nature went and did a wonderful thing by producing this squash.


Rainbow beets, fall

In life there seems to be beet people and non-beet people. But even non-beet people seem to like the recipe for chocolate beet muffins that is featured on the back of this greeting card.  

clementine, fall

I love the citrus fruits that grace us at the holidays. I usually got a clementine in my stocking at Christmas time and I have fond memories of eating these sweet morsels and watching as gifts were opened around the Christmas tree.