I am an independent landscape painter working in acrylic and watercolor on paper. I am currently traveling around the country with my husband in a wooden trailer. The ever changing landscape around me provides constant inspiration. Each day I get to fall in love with painting again as the color, texture, and light changes along our route. I paint small because I live in a tiny trailer. But as I'm falling asleep, I dream of painting large landscapes, working off of the sketches I have done on this adventure and reliving these beautiful spots again and again. 

  I hope that my paintings provide a peek into this tour of the country and evoke the memories that you have of places you hold dear to your heart. 

Thank you for stopping by. Welcome! 


100 Days of Painting

On April 24th, 2017 I gave myself the challenge of painting every day for 100 days. Here are a few of those completed paintings. 

Peruse the series Here →


Food Series

My love of painting and love for food collide in this series of greeting cards with original paintings on the front and recipes on the back.  

Check them out Here →

Galaxy series

My newest series of stars and moons and trees and mountains. I am loving the wildness of the paint and looking up to the stars for inspiration.  

The stars and moons are Here →